Glass Mosaic Tiles for the Home: Using Glass Tile in House Interior Decor

Although many types of glass tile are really costly, utilizing these tiles in small amounts is an inexpensive way to add personality and punch to an interior area.

In spite of the high expense of some glass tiles, there is quite a series of costs represented at the majority of tile shops. With a lot of colors, finishes, patterns, shapes and sizes readily available, house owners can discover simply the style to fit their house d├ęcor.

Glass Tiles in the Kitchen

The ideal place to use glass tiles in the home is on the kitchen area backsplash. The kitchen area is the one place every visitor sees, and the place where most homeowners spend many of their time. Including a decorative accent here provides one of the most bang for their style buck.

Simply because of the small location of the majority of cooking area backsplashes, glass tile can be utilized on the whole area for the most visual effect. Rectangle-shaped tiles have been popular recently, and be available in sizes ranging from 1" x2" to 3" x6" and bigger.

The tiles can be set up in a staggered (brick) joint for a more conventional appearance, or in a standard joint for a modern flair.

For homeowners on a smaller sized budget plan, or those who like a little more range in their kitchen, glass tiles can be blended with stone or porcelain tiles for an entirely custom look. Slate, limestone or ceramic can be installed as the field tile, with glass used as an accent. This accent can be through a decorative stripe that winds around the cooking area, or the glass tiles can be use in a more random arrangement.

Uses for Glass Tiles in the Bathroom

Just as in the kitchen area, utilizing glass tiles in the bathroom is a wonderful method to add life to a dull space. Most glass tiles can be used in wet areas, making them perfect for usage on shower walls, and around the tub. Some glass tiles, normally those with metal or customized finishes, need to not be used in damp areas such as showers.

Glass tiles come in solid colors, along with in blends of a number of colors integrated into a pleasing color palette. Accent tiles can be effectively used to connect all the colors of the room together, producing a cohesive style. For instance, selecting a mosaic mix including the shades of the countertop, cabinets and floor tile will make sure that all the colors come together for a designer appearance.

Or, placing small squares of glass tiles arbitrarily throughout the field tiles includes punches of color all over the shower and tub locations. House owners need to check with the manufacturer of the tile they are considering, to be sure it can be utilized in the areas in which they would like to use it.

Restroom vanities offer another location for a decorative glass tile accent. Glass tile can be utilized on the counter tops, along with the backsplash. Using the tile as a backsplash above a countertop of a various material, by running it behind the sink about 4" high, can use a huge punch for a little cost. It will likewise even more tie the design of the space together, by repeating the elements discovered in the shower and around the tub.

Using Glass Tiles Throughout the Home

When many individuals think of utilizing tile in their houses, they instantly believe of the bath or the kitchen. There are, nevertheless, many other locations throughout the home in which to think about using accent tile. A fantastic place for utilizing decorative accent tiles is around a fireplace.

Fireplaces are the centerpiece of the room, no matter what they appear like. Why not make this focal point a lot more amazing by surrounding it with glittery mosaic tiles in an accent color? It makes an ideal location to use an expensive tile that might break the budget if used elsewhere since the location around a fireplace is relatively small in square video footage.

Entry foyers offer visitors the first impression of a house. Mixing glass tiles with a porcelain or stone floor tile is an excellent way to create a customized appearance in this area. Property owners have to make certain, nevertheless, that the glass tiles they are considering are suitable for use on the floor; some tiles are too slippery and others may scratch when utilized in high traffic areas.

Glass tiles can likewise make charming accents on furniture and devices for usage throughout the house. They can be utilized to dress up the frame of a wall mirror, develop a durable table top for the front patio or safeguard the top of a wooden serving tray.
Discovering lovely glass tiles is often much easier than understanding where to utilize them. House owners have many choices when it concerns utilizing accent tiles in their houses. For unique glass tiles, consisting of some mixed with stone mosaics, Oceanside Glass uses some incredible options. click over here now

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